Hi, 👋🏼! I’m  Ricardo G. Bello,
multidisciplinary Graphic Designer based in Madrid, Spain


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Cosas Bellas

Working with me

Working with Ricardo has been, definitely, one of the most enriching and rewarding experiences of my time at Cobee. From the very beginning, his talent and experience shined through, becoming a source of inspiration and learning. Her refined taste and his ability to take on challenges are like no other.
Beyond his talent, what ... Read More

Paula Ferrer

Head of  People - Cobee

During the last year, I have been fortunate to work with Ricardo as a manager, and it has been a very enriching experience both professionally and personally. Professionally, what I most highlight about Ricardo is his organization. He is a very methodical person, always ensuring that we follow a good working process when starting new projects to keep everything well organized.
Ricardo is very resourceful and... Read More

Irene Calatrava

Senior Graphic Designer - Cobee

From the moment I began collaborating with Ricardo, I was impressed by his dedication, creativity, and proactive approach in every project we undertook together. Ricardo proved to be a true professional in every sense. His ability to translate my ideas into stunning and visually appealing designs was simply amazing.
One of the qualities I...Read More

Gabriela Arocha

Marketing Director - FirstFit

Working with Ricardo means having a constant source of creativity and positivity in any challenge, which adds up many times more than any technical knowledge. That said, Ricardo is a native creator and innovator, combining technology and freshness in all his ideas.
His discipline helps to generate a coherence in concepts and campaigns that are...

Alfonso García-Moreno

VP of Marketing - Cobee

Working with Ricardo means dedication and attention to detail. His creative vision always exceeds the expectations, no matter the format or theme. But this is not the only remarkable thing about him, his good humor and ability to create a good atmosphere makes the work fun and enriching even in times of stress.

Jaime Jaraiz

Brand Design Manager - Bnext

My experience working with Ricardo was truly enjoyable and productive. Not only because he is a friendly and helpful person,  he is very easy to work with. During the two years we collaborated, I could observe his great learning curve, where he was able to face a variety of challenges and tasks that he initially did not master, and managed to get very good results through self-guided...

Nil Castelví

Head of Design - Bnext

About me

I am a multidisciplinary designer with +8 years of experience focused on creating innovative digital experiences, producing graphic solutions for marketing and product teams by creating consistent pieces that convey the values of each brand.

With a focus on motion graphics and marketing design, my work aims to amplify a brand's message and reach its users through pieces that make an impact and generate engagement. My ambition is to create work that is not only beautiful but has something to say to the viewer.

I always seek to work with diverse, multicultural, and multidisciplinary teams. I believe that great ideas come from the exchange of knowledge between people with different points of view. I love new technologies and how they push the boundaries of creativity and experience design.

Recently I've been spending my working time at Cobee as Brand Design Lead, where we are building a more consistent and scalable brand. Preparing it on its way from startup to international scale-up.